Mission / Accomplishments

The All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota, Inc., first organized in 1983, is a non-profit corporation under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 317A. It is comprised of individual, family and business members. The management of the All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota (ATV MN) occurs through the State Board of Directors. The daily direction of ATV MN is conducted by the Executive Board, as delegated and overseen by the State Board of Directors.

ATV MN was established to serve the interests of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) owners by advocating for ATV recreation, advancing the safe use of ATVs, providing information, and participating in legislative and regulatory activities related to the use of ATVs.

Major accomplishments in ATV recreation since the formation of ATV MN include:

  • ATV registration program and dedicated fund account established
  • ATV Grant-in-Aid trail grant program established
  • ATV youth safety training program established
  • Trail Ambassador Program initiated
  • ATV funding increased from gas tax refund formula change 
  • Thousands of miles of ATV Grant-in-Aid trails constructed and maintained, using best practices to ensure they are economically and environmentally sustainable.

ATVMN Mission Statement

As the State Association of ATV enthusiasts, ATVMNs overall purpose is to ensure the future of ATV recreation in Minnesota through the following mission objectives:

  • Advocate for ATV recreation with a focus on the benefits of responsible behavior.
  • Advance and foster the increasing recognition and acceptance that ATV recreation is an important component within the recreational opportunities, recreational system, and economy of the State of Minnesota. 
  • Assist in the establishment of new clubs and strengthening of existing clubs which share the vision and values of ATVMN.
  • Promote the safe use of ATVs and partner in the ATV adult and youth rider safety training program in Minnesota.
  • Promote responsible ATV use and rider behavior regarding respect for the environment, other recreational uses and the law. 
  • Serve as a source of information regarding ATV recreation, clubs, activities, and significant issues regarding the sport.
  • Participate in the legislative process and public agency planning or actions on matters which affect ATV recreation.
ATV Minnesota | P.O. Box 300 | Stacy, MN 55079 | 1-800-442-8826