State Organizations

ATVMN - ATV Association of Minnesota MN4WDA - Minnesota 4WD Association MnUSA - Minnesota United Snowmobile Association ARMCA - Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association

CRTU TrailerIn Minnesota there are four State Associations for motorized recreation and their users and clubs: 

  1. ATV MN - ATV Association of Minnesota
  2. MN4WDA - Minnesota 4WD Association
  3. MnUSA - Minnesota United Snowmobile Association 
  4. ARMCA - Amateur Riders Motorcycle Association

They Work Together On Public Access, Education, Mapping, Regulations And More

A few members from each Association are on the boards of two Coalitions:

  1. The Coalition of Recreational Trail Users (CRTU) focuses on outreach and rider education. Its safety education trailer carries youth vehicles and a wide range of handouts members bring to the State Fair (photo above) and many off-road and youth outdoor events.

  2. The Minnesota Motorized Trails Coalition (MMTC). Its members and each Association's lobbyists meet regularly with the Minnesota DNR Parks & Trails and Enforcement Divisions, tackling a wide range of issues to further the success of all motorized recreation in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Recreational Trail Users Association (MRTUA) includes members of the motorized and non-motorized groups representing hikers, equestrians, bicyclists and cross-country skiers. An important MRTUA function is to advise the DNR on the distribution of federal Recreational Trail Program (RTP) grant money.


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